Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it true that Cell Phones are the next Cigarettes?

Several studies have been done to this famous and most commonly used modern communicating device - the cellular phone. Just like cigarettes, scientists have been threatened on the issue on whether there is an adverse effect of using just any kind of mobile phones.

Mobile phones were widely used across the globe and you can even find it with different brands and models. With approximately 3 billion people utilizing this portable machine and no signs of health risks have been proven, it’s really hard to find out if there are things that we need to worry about cell phones.

Recent studies in United States with regards to health problems in using cell phones have emerged. This includes the probable risk of cancer which is a serious medical condition that most of us wouldn’t want to acquire.

However, most of these cell phone studies have been stopped due to the fact that government considered it as a resolved case. Also, the US government no longer provides financial support to perform further investigations on this matter.

But one of the famous scientists like Michael Kelsh claims that bringing these studies to an end could be a mistake after saying that, “It was 15-20 years after people began smoking that we saw concerns associated with it.” Indeed, cell phones have become the most conventional products being used for more than a decade now and any undesirable effects will take longer years to appear.

Maybe on the scientist’s point of view, this cell phone health risk is still unsettled and needs further studies.

On our end, it’s a good thing that even if we use our mobile phones for a long time now, we haven’t been hit by any health issues that would trigger a more serious problem.

However, according to Dr. Mercola, the evidence against cell phones is already far too compelling to ignore and we shouldn't wait for a definitive study to come out, but more on the side of being safe rather than feel sorry in the end.

Well, this really makes sense especially if you want to completely protect yourself.

So, what do you think? Is cell phone risk a fact or a myth?


Tom Thorne said...

I think the studies should continue. As well as studies on the health risks of MSG.

Kaede said...

yeah i wish they have extra time to continue on their research.