Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Health Risks of Melamine Contamination

News quickly spread across the globe about the hazardous effects of melamine especially those contents that were discovered in Chinese milk products. Dairy products and especially infant milks were the major goods that are said to have contained this unhealthy substance.

This wide-spreading catastrophe that hits the world particularly on 54,000 children in China was now considered as one big threat to ones health. The root of this issue is the unlawful use of melamine in milk products. Melamine is actually a kind of chemical used as a component in plastic. Therefore, it should only be used in manufacturing plastic goods and the likes. No amount of melamine is safe to be added in infant formula.

According to the FDA research, for us to determine the risk of melamine contamination, a certain standard procedure has to be followed. Melamine content will only be safe when the level of this chemical is less than 2.5 parts per million. This stated fact is even supported by Dr. Stephen Sundlof who is the director of the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. He added, "If you had 1 million grains of sand, and they're all white sand, and you had two grains that were black -- that's what that means"

So if there is an ample amount of melamine added to a milk formula, worst scenario may happen. The small crystals present in the melamine powder can block the small tubes in the kidney. Once blocked, tendency is to stop the production of urine which causes kidney failure and worst, death. And though melamine has also been shown to have carcinogenic effects in animals, there is still insufficient evidence for the carcinogenic risk in humans. But the mere fact that it’s dangerous, production of such must be prevented.

This is the major reason why the outbreaks of milk products from China which are known to have melamine contents have spread vastly to several nations especially in Asia. The terrible situation of several children in China alarmed the public especially for those parents who have kids and for newly-born babies who depends most on milk supplements.

And the best way for these nations to stop this adverse incident to happen again is by destroying and prohibiting contaminated milk products from China that were included on the list. Also, a lot of standard procedures were now implemented to prevent such unpleasant incident to occur once more.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Effects of Natural Health Products

These days, many people are using natural health products. They say that these products are much effective and safe for some certain diseases. Natural health products are said to be good for heart disease, cancers, and other kinds of diseases even on your skin. They can be a supplementary for the nutrition you lack or was lost in you.

Now, why this natural health product is getting more popular? It is because they are all-natural and were known to have no side effects that can harm your body and health. With this reason and while doing some activities that are good for you, it is probably the best way to become healthy. Using these products as a supplementary, eating healthy foods and proper exercise will make you fit, healthy and have a longer life.

Now, everyone can have a chance to live healthy. Don’t be afraid to test these products ‘coz I know, these natural health products are safe and effective. Just make sure to buy products that are all-natural. Well, you just need some research, doctor’s advice and the people around you to help you choose and think the most safe, proper and effective products.

Just to add a little info, you may refer to the links on this post. Don’t be afraid to try these all-natural products. If it is not effective on you, then try something else and who knows, it may be the one you are looking for.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Symptoms Checker Tool

I am an internet savvy. I’m interested in several topics especially about anime, sports, entertainment, gadgets, PC accessories, health and more. I was surfing the net and do the usual things that I do, look and read articles.

I suddenly came across the MSN site and check the link about health. Then I found an interesting link which is the “Symptom Checker”. I click and tried it because this looks helpful for me.

I want to share it with you because I know, not everyone is using MSN. Mostly, people are using Google, Yahoo or any other widely used search engines. Me, I often use Google. For others, I’m sure some of them are using Yahoo while some uses other search engines. There are several search engines on the internet and most of us didn’t actually know what these search engines can actually provide for us.

You can find the tool here - What you will find in this link is the list of body parts where you can choose any of it. If you click one part of the human body, a menu will appear. And inside that menu is the list of symptoms you might have or sometimes feel. Click any symptoms and you will see the description about it and a question that is answerable by yes or no. If the answer is “no”, just continue reading. If you choose yes, you will find a red, yellow and green square marks on the left. These marks will serve as levels on how serious your illness is.

For me, this tool is like a first aid kit which can prevent any illness or diseases to get you from any serious situation. There are other tools listed here You can check and use the tools that you think you will need. Who knows, these tools might be the one you are exactly looking for to help you have a healthy living?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Cell Phone Health Issue

Here comes another issue about cell phone. The last time I wrote about cell phone is my post entitled as "Is it true that Cell Phones are the next Cigarettes? "

Now, two scientists made a thorough study and discussed that cell phones double the risk of brain cancer and other diseases like acoustic neuromas. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that particularly damages the hearing nerve. In their study, they also said that people who uses cell phone before the age of 20 has more than 5 times chances to develop brain cancer rather than those who didn’t. Indeed, those who use cell phone before the age of 20 are 50% higher of getting brain cancer rather than those who didn’t, said Lennart Hardell who reanalyzed this study.

Dr. Herberman sent warning to his colleagues and advises by providing a public statement. He told everyone not to let their children use cell phone if it is not an emergency.

On Dr. Joseph Mercola’s comment regarding this issue, he stated list of effects we can get from the radio waves transmitted by cell phones and maybe some other wireless device. They can cause brain tumors, harm blood cells and cause cellular changes, damage your DNA, cause nerve-cell damage, accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, trigger Alzheimer’s disease, damage your eyes, can cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches. If ever you didn’t get brain cancer, possible risk like headaches, dizziness and impotence are some other things that you might get using these devices.

It’s been a long time since I first hear the effects of this radiation. My parents keep on telling me to move away from television when I was a kid. They don’t want me to be exposed on too much radiation. Now, this issue has never been stopped because of some device that also releases radiation. For some of us, we really don’t know if it is bad or not. But, it’s not bad to listen to others saying it is bad for our health. We better be aware and consider preventing some things that is bad for our health in order to keep ourselves healthy and strong. There’s always a choice, if you want to listen to them and want to leave longer, why not do what they say. It’s not that you will no longer have to use your cell phone anymore but you have to limit yourself in using those devices.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beware Apple with Becox Wax

I got this from an email sent to me by one of my friends. It tells us that we should be careful when eating apples. The letter indicates that the apple is more than one year old and to make it look fresh, they coated it with becox wax. Is this true or not?

Well, I try to search for becox wax but I didn’t obtain any information about becox wax. What I got is just the same story that I shared with you today. That’s why I’m confused if I have to believe this email. Well, if you know something or you find something that will serve as a proof with this story you might share it with me so we can share it to everyone else. I just want our buddies to live healthy and safe.

This is the message and images I got with that email. Read it and share your thoughts to me. Do you believe it or not?

Be Careful when eating apples

Please don't eat the skin of the apple because it's coated with wax.

Check before you eat many of the fruits.

WAX is being used for preservation purposes and cold storage.

You might be surprised especially apples from USA and other parts are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Becox wax is coated, preventing bacteria to enter. So it does not get dry.

Please Eat Apples after removing the wax as demonstrated below. Please follow this and let know others..........

With this information that is fast spreading all over the internet, I suggest that you must also be careful in buying and eating apples. Who knows this message might be real. If you want to make sure, bring a cutter and do the same thing like in the image, if they will allow you when buying at the supermarket. LOL. Just kidding!

Coconut Oil, the Smartest Cooking Oil

Not all kinds of oil give you fat and unhealthy effects. Just like any other kinds of oil that were extracted from your favorite veggies and other fruits, coconut oil also has this healthy content which gives simple magical effects to your overall good health.

Coconut can be seen as a very common type of fruit especially in tropical countries. But did you know how functional it is, knowing that a lot of things can be done just with the use of a coconut oil?

In fact, studies show that coconut oil has become the smart alternative to those other oils that we’re using. It’s simply because a lot of benefits can be obtained from using a coconut oil. This includes the following:

* Promoting your heart health

* Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

* Supporting your immune system health

* Promoting weight loss when and if you need it

* Providing you with an immediate energy source

* Supporting a healthy metabolism

* Helping to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking

Aside from this, the latest survey as done by denotes that fresh shores extra virgin coconut oil can provide several other health benefits like:

* Gained peace of mind knowing they were making the smartest oil choice

* Loved the taste and the enhanced flavor added to their food

* Embraced the improvement made to their skin when used as a lotion

For your skin…

* Smoothing and moisturizing effects

* Promoted skin elasticity

* Convenient eye make-up remover

* Use in shaving applications

And for the most important effects above all, coconut oil is known to be the dieter’s best friend. The reason behind this is that coconut oil help stimulate your metabolism.

And when it comes to the content that we pertain to as the “miracle” ingredient, coconut oil also contains lauric acid which is also found in mother’s milk. As we all know, breast milk enhances the immunity of a baby because it is packed with nutrients and other disease-fighting ingredients. And since coconut oil also has lauric acid, it gives similar effects especially when it comes to strengthening your immune system.

So if you’re a choosy one when it comes to your brand of coconut oil, then you just have to look for the following requirements:

* Certified organic by USDA standards

* No refining

* No chemicals added (including hexane)

* No bleaching

* No deodorization

* No hydrogenation

* Made from traditional coconut palms only, no hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) varieties

* Made from fresh coconuts, not the dried "copra" used in cheap oils

* Made without heat processing

And even Dr. Joseph Mercola says that Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has all of these standards. You may want to give it a try.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Improve Your Body and Brain with Proper Exercise

Exercise is one thing we need to have a good health, especially if we are getting older. Exercise helps us:

  • to have a better sleep
  • lose, gain or maintain weight (depends on what we need)
  • Improve our resistance to fight infections
  • Lower the risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Makes us smarter, it helps our brain to work better

To be successful with this exercise you should look for a proper program that you think will suit you and stick to it. It is always useful to have plans or guide on how you will implement your exercise. Below is the list of recommendation by Dr. Joseph Mercola you should remember when exercising.

  • Listen to your body
  • Be consistent
  • Start with walking if you are overweight
  • Increase your intensity regularly
  • Do anaerobic training!
  • Try running
  • Try an elliptical machine
  • Incorporate strength training to optimize your health benefits
  • Exercise correctly to optimize weight loss
  • Swim, but avoid chlorinated pools
  • Try bicycling, but be aware of safety measures
  • Stick with it!

I’m sharing this article especially to those people who are always working and are always stressed. At work you need energy for your brain and body. You need both of this in order to perform well. You need time to unwind or save some time to give your body and brain some exercise and rest. I wish there are companies that give special kind of benefits like giving their employees an exercise program. This will make their employee physically fit and make their brain perform well. This article is on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website with the full explanation. You can read it here -

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

8 Natural Ways to Avoid Physical Pain

Are back pain, knee and shoulder pain, joint pain or other kinds of chronic pain typically give you problems that affects you not only physically but emotionally as well?

According to the phone survey being held all over the US country, these are basically the most common physical pains being recorded to severely affect the daily routine of a person. Also, according to a separate phone research by the Americans Living with Pain Survey (ALPS), 45% out of 800 adult Americans said that pain negatively impacted their personal relationships while 51% believed that the pain they felt affected their work productivity and 61% of them said that it affected their daily routine.

Now here’s the big deal. How can we ever avoid experiencing such a disturbing pain every now and then in a manner that we no longer have to take some medications? Are there things that we can do to simply eradicate this stressful situation without the need to buy and take in drugs that were prescribed by our doctors? Well, the answer is yes. There are several ways to stop the pain in a natural way.

For most of our folks who are frequently disturbed by the devastating back pain or other chronic pains, try to read along these helpful methods. Take note of these eight natural ways to reduce and eliminate pain, without relying on over-the-counter drugs or other medicines being recommended by your physician.

1. Deep and Proper Sleeping/Relaxation

2. Prayer/Meditation

3. Stretching

4. Reduce/Prevent Inflammation

5. Regular Exercise

6. Chiropractic

7. Massage Therapy

8. Hot or Cold Packs

Here's the link where you can read more about this 8 natural ways to avoid physical pain.
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