Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Energy Booster Vitamin B-12 Spray

Vitamin b12
I never thought that a vitamin could be in a form of spray. Until the time I browsed the site of Dr. Mercola. I was really surprised with this amazing product. I can’t believe that they are able to develop something new even on vitamins. It’s like having a bike before and now became a motorcycle. Now, I want everyone who also doesn’t know about this Energy Booster Vitamin b-12 Spray to be surprised like I did.

Well, it’s an energy booster that will recharge and give you power day after day. No need to drink caffeinated beverages. Just spray it thrice, two times a day and you will get the energy you need daily. If you think this spray won’t last that long, you are wrong! Not just because you will spray it to your mouth specifically under your tongue 6 times a day, it doesn’t mean that this B-12 Energy Booster will be empty in an instant! It’s simply because one spray bottle of this Vitamin B-12 Energy Booster Spray can last up to 34 days.

Imagine of having more than 1 month supply?! Plus the fact that it comes with a natural spearmint flavor that is absolutely free of sugar, yeast, starch, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, salt and dairy. Another sure thing about this amazing spray is that it provides Vitamin B-12 that interacts with other nutrients in multivitamin products, such as vitamin C, iron and copper.

Why do we need vitamin b-12? Vitamin b12 is simply an important vitamin because it helps folic acid regulate the formation of red blood cells into the body. That’s why it can be considered a good source for proper cell formation and cellular longevity. It also helps your body use iron.

Vitamin B12 is also needed for proper digestion, food absorption, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. By assisting the nerves of your body to function and communicate in an optimal manner, Vitamin B12 also helps in keeping your nervous system healthy. Aside from this, enough Vitamin B12 can also support female reproductive health while promoting normal nerve growth and development. All in all, Vitamin B12 helps boosts the immunity of every individual. And when you have strong immunity, it is also a proven fact that you will have a healthy mood and proper outlook in life.

All these and more are generated by just using this simply unique B-12 Energy Booster. B-12 Energy Booster is only available at Dr. Mercola’s website. So if you’re interested to have one, you can go directly on his site and buy one today.