Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Cell Phone Health Issue

Here comes another issue about cell phone. The last time I wrote about cell phone is my post entitled as "Is it true that Cell Phones are the next Cigarettes? "

Now, two scientists made a thorough study and discussed that cell phones double the risk of brain cancer and other diseases like acoustic neuromas. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that particularly damages the hearing nerve. In their study, they also said that people who uses cell phone before the age of 20 has more than 5 times chances to develop brain cancer rather than those who didn’t. Indeed, those who use cell phone before the age of 20 are 50% higher of getting brain cancer rather than those who didn’t, said Lennart Hardell who reanalyzed this study.

Dr. Herberman sent warning to his colleagues and advises by providing a public statement. He told everyone not to let their children use cell phone if it is not an emergency.

On Dr. Joseph Mercola’s comment regarding this issue, he stated list of effects we can get from the radio waves transmitted by cell phones and maybe some other wireless device. They can cause brain tumors, harm blood cells and cause cellular changes, damage your DNA, cause nerve-cell damage, accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, trigger Alzheimer’s disease, damage your eyes, can cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches. If ever you didn’t get brain cancer, possible risk like headaches, dizziness and impotence are some other things that you might get using these devices.

It’s been a long time since I first hear the effects of this radiation. My parents keep on telling me to move away from television when I was a kid. They don’t want me to be exposed on too much radiation. Now, this issue has never been stopped because of some device that also releases radiation. For some of us, we really don’t know if it is bad or not. But, it’s not bad to listen to others saying it is bad for our health. We better be aware and consider preventing some things that is bad for our health in order to keep ourselves healthy and strong. There’s always a choice, if you want to listen to them and want to leave longer, why not do what they say. It’s not that you will no longer have to use your cell phone anymore but you have to limit yourself in using those devices.