Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fact Or Myth: Males Are Becoming More Female?

At first, my attention was caught when I saw this article. From the title itself, my curiosity was touched. Also, I was interested to read the entire article because I somewhat believe that it is really happening nowadays. Although I also would like to know if it’s true since the symptoms are really rampant. Maybe, once you’ll know the result of the studies, you will definitely say, “Yeah, I think it’s true.”

Well, I think this is not a simple issue. I simply believe that because many of us are now being aware of our environment, we are also conscious that this is really happening. What I’m talking about here is the recent study that resulted in finding that males of all species are now becoming more female. Choosing between a fact or a myth, don’t you think that this issue is really a fact? Well in my own point of view, whether I am not a scientist at all, I believe that it is indeed, a fact.

The major question about this environmental concern is that, what causes such changes to happen? According to various studies, being exposed to the unregulated chemicals in the environment causes male species to acquire more feminine characteristics. And since humans have similar sex hormone receptors to those of the animals, the indication and transformation pattern is also the same.

The type of chemicals that were found to have such unusual effects to the animal and human genders is also known as the “gender-benders”. This include substances like Phthalates, chemical found in vinyl flooring, detergents, automotive plastics, soap, shampoo, deodorants, fragrances, hair spray, nail polish, plastic bags, food packaging, garden hoses, inflatable toys, blood-storage bags, and intravenous medical tubing. Another one is the Bisphenol A, a common ingredient in many plastics. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which is a chemical found in grease- and water-resistant coatings like Teflon. An insecticide and a fungicide found to Methoxychlor and Vinclozin. Also, Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) which is known to be potent endocrine disrupters. The Bovine growth hormones which are commonly added to commercial dairy that make premature adolescence. Soy products may also affect as well as the MSG which is a food additive and last but not the least is the fluoride.

More information has been released for us to be aware of this wide range of health hazards. And if these studies can impose strange changes within our male population, I think we must do something to avoid the worst scenario. Since male infertility is on the rise and fewer boys have been born, world population is at risk. Besides, can you imagine that we’ll soon be living in a world with only female population?


Cascia said...

Oh my! I wasn't aware of this. Thank you for sharing.

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Health Information Resource said...

What an article. I was really surprised after reading your article. I was aware about gays, but this tribe of men I was unaware of.