Friday, January 23, 2009

Obesity Tax as People’s Reward?

The video here shows how each of us is affected by the sudden change in our diet that affects our health which is a mere cause of obesity nowadays. This obesity issue caught the attention of American Dietetic Association in 2008. The graphical survey shows that the big difference of drinking milk versus soda with sugar starting 1970 up to 2005 provide massive effect on obesity of most children. This issue continues to rise up that makes dieticians and health doctors worry a lot.

Before things get worse, New York Governor Paterson come up with what he thinks is the most effective way to prevent the rising up of obesity patients especially among children. This is none other than implementing the obesity tax. Together with State Health Commissioner Richard Daines, they want to support this tax in order to improve the overall health of an individual and eventually avoid the cause of obesity. The Governor even stated that this tax would help raise $400 million. This is because people can lower their purchase and intake of soda that contains mostly of sugar which is the number one source of fat that in the end causes obesity.

One more thing about this campaign is the advice of drinking milk rather than sugar-laden drinks especially for children. Huge difference on the average rate of kids drinking milk starting 1970-2005 has also became evident. The average rate has declined due to the effect of soda to children. That’s why adding tax to these kinds of drinks can be the best solution for New York Governor Paterson. However, some people may oppose this massive crusade against obesity. Just like what Assemblyman Ron Canestrari has stated, there are better ways to fight obesity and better ways to raise money for the cash strapped state.